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ARS Co is a specialist in ultrasonic thickness surveys. A reliable condition assessment of a ship is not only of great importance to the owner, but also a commitment to our company. With an ever-increasing demand for quality and safety in the maritime industry, ARS Co has maintained a leading role in the market for over twenty years.

All of our Operators are certified to SNT-TC-1A (2009) and are familiar with the requirements of all classification societies. Assessing the condition of steel structures and analyzing thickness measurements are part of their competence.
Surveys can be carried out worldwide, in ports, in shipyards or at sea. With 20 years of experience we have examined more than 2,000 vessels.
The Company’s riding teams exclusively for this function are mobile at all time. They are of highest caliber and headed by experienced Marine Engineers, Naval Architects. Our operators are equipped with modern Multiple Echo through coating Ultrasonic Equipment of Krautkramer maker. The Company is capable to carry out Hull Thickness Survey on all kinds of ships such as Bulk Carriers, General Cargo Ships, Container Ships, Tankers, LPG carriers, Chemical Tankers, etc and regardless of its scope: i.e CAP, CAS, Special Survey, Intermediate Survey or Annual Survey.

All our team mates are well knowledgeable in working with national as well as international surveyors and floating staff. They are committed to find better ways to meet clients’ needs taking into account the structural peculiarities, the type and age of the ship, make right judgments, adhere to safety norms and deliver high quality services.


Special / Intermediate / Annual Surveys
Certified by all major classification societies as a service provider, in accordance with IACS’s Unified Requirements and with Operators certified to international standards, ARS Co offers a high quality service to ship-owners and managers, allowing them to fulfill class requirements.


CAP survey
CAP stands for Condition Assessment Program, and is an assessment of the overall condition of the ship. Based on a detailed onboard inspection, performance checks, ultrasonic thickness measurements and steel strength assessments, a rating is provided.


Steel Repair Specifications
We also provide qualified steel inspectors / supervisors to carry-out detailed steel renewal specification - detailed sketches indicating renewal and/or substantial areas of inspected structural elements as well as recommended repairs in accordance to IACS Guidelines for Surveys, Assessment and Repair of Hull Structure - and steel weight estimation calculation during pre-docking inspections in view of a forthcoming survey, as well as verification of renewal work and steel quantity admeasurement in the shipyard.

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