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Cargo Gear Testing & Improvements

ARS Co is a reliable company involved in providing Cargo Gear Testing and Certification. Our knowledgeable team, using load testing equipment of the latest technology, provides accurate and flawless services in compliance with relevant Rules, ILO Convention and Classification requirements.
Apart from this, our clients can avail these services as per their requirements to eliminate the chances of any defect during the Cargo Gear operation.
Respective Certificate in accordance to Dock Regulations, 1934, Regulations 18(a) & 22(b), is issued by Competent Person after testing / examination of Cargo Gear.
ARS Co can carry-out also inspection and load testing of accommodation ladders & gangways as per SOLAS Reg.II-1/3-9 (MSC.1331), and Winches/Windlass brake holding dynamic test as per SOLAS Reg.III/ (MSC.152(78)).

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