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A.R.S. Co. is a Technical Office primarily involved in marine systems design, consultation-servicing and software development , based in Piraeus, and consisting of highly qualified and experienced team of engineers, and Master Mariners having past working experience at highly reputable Greek shipping Companies. Our servicing department is very active on Life Saving Appliances(LSA) testing , Hatch Tightness testing & Cargo Gear testing, UTM Surveys . Our commercial department is also active on spares supply worldwide. Our Greek based Training Center is active with Crew-Training for the issuance of Panamanian Licences. Our Panamanian office “Agencia Ultramar” is providing Ship-Agency_Services to ships calling-transiting Panama. We currently employing 20 personel in Greek_office .

Our office is equipped with the latest technology in computers, printers, plotters (A0), and Naval architecture software packages, thus being able to perform all complex tasks required by the market. 
The geometry/design of the vessel can be reproduced, hydrostatics/cross curves/bonjean curves/floodable lengths can be calculated, as well as allowable heeling moments, limiting VCG, compartments, strength values, intact and damaged stability manuals, grain loading manuals, longitudinal strength calculations, tonnage measurements, midship section calculations used for strength reassessments of vessels.

We have also developed ourselves specialized software, for use onboard the vessel’s and at shipping companies, for the calculation of loading conditions (ShipLoad), which assist the operators to estimate the best possible solution loading the vessel. This software is Type Approved by the major Classification Societies. Using this software we have prepared numerous Loading/Unloading Sequence Booklets.

We undertake also Cargo Gear & Container Capacity Improvements .

Using sophisticated finite element analysis software we achieve the maximum possible improvement with the minimum possible material.

Our office is able to provide to all ship owners/managers all manuals for the safe operation of their vessels such as SMS Manuals, MLC Manuals, Ship Security Assessment / Plan, SOPEP, SMPEP, Cargo Securing Manuals, Garbage Manuals, Water Ballast Management Plans, , Emergency Towing Booklet, STS Operation Manuals, VOC, Procedures & Arrangements Manual, Damage Control Plans & Booklet, Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan, Appointment of Authorized Person for the Transit of Panama Canal, Panama Canal SOPEP, Recovery of Persons from the Water, GA, Capacity & Fire Control Plans etc.

Our team in Ship Surveying having great experience in Marine Technical and S & P Consulting undertakes Pre-purchase surveys, Insurance surveys, Damage surveys, as well as surveys on behalf of Shipping Companies for Oil Majors, and Banks.

The bureau’s job in UTM – for the Enhanced Surveys – is according to the Rules & Regulations of all Classification Societies, with respect to steel hull inspection and practice, and constitutes a substantial part of our activities. Our company is fully approved by all IACS Class Societies.

Our Company the last 20 years has carried out more than 2,000 Renewal / Intermediate / Annual / Occasional Surveys / CAP Surveys / Owners Specifications.

All our Operators are of the highest caliber (Naval Architects / Marine Engineers and certified Level II Operators by competent Authority) having an accumulated experience of at least fifty Surveys each and having at their disposal an array of UT instruments for gauging over the coat and accessories such as Fingertip Probe for gauging of grooving and deep pits.

The personnel background experience, work allocation and relationship within the company is indicated in charts, in which the organization of our company is described and the responsibility of all personnel who manage, perform and verify the work is clearly specified.

We have also established a branch office in Varna in 1995 , Constech-Shipping SA , Varna, Bulgaria with Bulgarian personnel (all ex-Varna Shipyard Shipmanagers) and a Greek Manager for the purposes of quick response in Black Sea Region. We have designed and developed the Emergency Towing System(ETS) for Tankers in the factory of MAYAK KM, Novipazar, Bulgaria (Types CM1000 & CM2000). Systems are Type approved by Lloyds Register. System was a big selling success .

We have also established a Branch Office in Panama in 2009 , Agencia Ultramar , Pancanal, Plaza Building, Ancon-Panama with the aim of providing Ship-Agency Services calling Panamanian Ports as well as for transiting the Panama Canal.

Panama Maritime Services Corporation-GREECE , was stablished in 2009 in our premises (700m2) in Piraeus-Port. It is an Approved Training Center by PANAMA FLAG for Training of Seafearers using “IMO” Approved TRANSAS Simulation Software.  

2 Gounari Str. & Akti Posidonos, Piraeus 185 31, Greece
tel: +30 210 4132881  fax: +30 210 4132987  email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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