EU MRV REGULATION 2015/757                                                                                                                                                                                           FAQ on MRV

As you are already aware,the new EU MRV Regulation 757/2015 related to monitoring, reporting and verification of carbon dioxide CO2emissions from the ships is already  into force as of 1st July 2015 and  its implementation shall commence as of 31st August 2017.

This  new  regulation  applies  to   ALL   vessels  greater  than  5,000 GT  regardless of their flag, class , port of registry or home port  which are employed even in one or more commercial voyages  to/ from / between European Union ports including Norway and Iceland.

In order to comply with the new regulation and avoid penalties and possible Detentions of your ships when calling at European ports, you will need to carry-out following:

  1. Until   31st  August 2017  at the latest you must  prepare  for each one of your  ships  ,a ship’s specific  Monitoring Plan  (describing how the required data are collected on board and including company’s procedures).The Monitoring Plan must be submitted until 31st August 2017 to an  accredited verifier of your choice  for Verification and Approval.
  2. As from  1st January 2018   in accordance with the Monitoring Plan you will have to monitor on a per-voyage basis the amount of CO2 emitted by each of your vessels on voyages to/ from/ between EU ports.
  3. On  31st December 2018  you must prepare the annual CO2  Emissions Report   of each ship and submit it latest by  30th April 2019  to an accredited verifier  of your choice for verification and approval. This cycle will then be repeated for each subsequent year after 2018.


Therefore for each ship the critical dates to timely comply with the new regulation are as follows:

-Until    31st August 2017    you must prepare the  Monitoring Plan and submit   it   to a verifier for approval

-As from  1st January 2018  you must start the monitoring of the CO2 emissions on per-voyage   basis and on 31st December 2018 you must prepare the annual CO2 Emission report of 2018

-Until  30th April 2019  you must submit the annual Emission report 2018 to the verifier for approval

You note that  only five(5) months  still remain until the first legal deadline of compliance with the MRV regulation on 31st August 2017.


Our company ARS Co, holds all technical expertese for the implementation of this new EU MRV Regulation & constantly monitor  the latest developments and updates. In order to assist your company to timely comply with all above requirements   in a reliable, time-efficient and cost effective  manner we offer the following  services :

  1. In order to identify any gaps  between the current practices and the existing documentation ,operations  and procedures followed by your  company vs the requirements of the EU MRV Regulation , we can carry-out  a Gap analysis as required .
  2. We can develop for each ship of your company  the ship’s specific Monitoring Plan (MP)  including  all required  information regarding the ship’s emission sources , the procedures for calculating the fuel consumption and the determination of the activities per voyage  etc .
  3. We can submit the Monitoring Plan to the verifier of your choice and will take all required actions until its final verification and approval
  4. We may also train your Company’s Staff in order to retrieve, transmit and handle all the required information which should be monitored as from  1/1/2018  for the preparation of the annual Emission Report for each subsequent year after 2018.In order to avoid the "bottleneck" which will definitively occur during the imminent forthcoming short " months period", we would urge you to act now and take a chance to contact us for further information or a meeting.

We will be pleased to answer your questions and provide you with functional and efficient solutions in order to minimize the work load and time of your crews onboard and of your office staff ashore.

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